Luxury Tasmanian Tented Hotel Rustic Food Concept

Luxury Tasmania Tented Hotel favours rustic dining

Luxury Tasmanian Tented Hotel near Hobart favours rustic food concepts


A Luxury Tasmanian Tented Hotel near Hobart, built to resemble an Australian Bush Camp, is a popular getaway for mainlanders.


In keeping with our Bush Camp theme, Truffle Lodge favours simple rustic, comfort food. We do not represent as a restaurant and we do not offer gourmet menus. Breakfast & Dinners are simple, set menus. Guests usually have lunch off site.


The Valley has award-winning vineyards, and the village of Bushy Park has the largest hopfields in Australia. So naturally, the area features local world-class wines and unique artisan beers and ciders. We complement our small, select  premium Tasmanian offering with a small selection of European wines.


We cater for vegetarian and gluten and dairy free diets if we get advance notice. But we are unable to cater for complex medical or lifestyle dietary restrictions because that is too restrictive for communal dining.

Dining at Truffle Lodge is a convivial affair. Because we want the sense of communal dining, we do not offer a la carte dining. All guests share in the same set menu dinner, although these days at Covid Safe separate tables.


There have also been some changes to the format of Breakfast in keeping with our Covid Safe Plan.


Breakfast used to be a lovely combination of buffet and served plates. We really did not want to deviate too far from our breakfast concept. However, with Covid, buffets are a ting of the past, so we had to come up with a new concept.


And, after many sleepless nights, we did!


We have managed to holdout the best of what was, and adapt to the new of what is.


Breakfast is still served in The Lodge. Breakfast is still Continental style, still with some individually packaged self-serve items, and some served items. If you want to know anything more, you will just have to come and see for yourself.


We have reimagined breakfasts for a Covid world, and we hope our guests enjoy our fun new Covid Safe concept.