Slow hospitality suits our Glamping Lodge

We do things a little differently at Truffle Lodge

Truffle Lodge is dedicated to the quality of BEING, not of doing or having. While luxurious in its detail, it is also raw, simple and pared back.


In our ‘busyness’, we have lost the art of relaxation.


In our search for the marvelous, we fail to recognize the beauty of the simple & humble.


In our hunger for more, we forget to rejoice in what we have.


Global philosophies say it in so many ways: slow-hospitality, wabi-sabi, peace be still, hygge, sans souci, chill. At Truffle Lodge we just try to live it!


Truffle Lodge was conceived as an invitation to guests to return to a simpler time, to the memories that we have of camping as kids, lying around reading books, big family meals and the never ending games of cards at night. We bet with Minties, and I always had to leave the game early because I had ratted my pot!

(Sorry, with Covid, please bring your own books, cards and Minties).


The Lodge has been designed to be a place of community, with the intimate society of small numbers and enough space to be alone if you so choose.


Tents have been designed to be your sanctuary, a place of rest and contentment, a space to reconnect with yourself and your significant other.


We aim to take you a little out of your comfort zone but without sacrificing the comfort.

Rise to the challenge.


Please embrace the philosophy of Truffle Lodge.

If you want a slick inner-city hotel, please don’t come.


Connectivity: We do have mobile phone and wifi connectivity at the Lodge, but we have chosen to let the tents have the ultimate beauty of being deliberately unplugged.


TV: For similar reasons we have chosen to be TV-free. You can connect to the world via wifi at The Lodge.


Pretend it is the 1960’s and talk to each other!